Eden - Cultic Jester

This is my 3rd Youtube video ever. It has no audio. It might be boring, but it's a snapshot of my process.

Early Process & Sketching.

Andy taylor jm bust 3
Andy taylor jm bust 2
Andy taylor jm bust 3 bw
Andy taylor lighting

Real time lighting in UE4

Andy taylor jm torso 1a
Andy taylor jm torso 1b
Andy taylor jm bust 1
Andy taylor jm headshot 4
Andy taylor jm headshot 5
Andy taylor jm headshot 1
Andy taylor jm headshot 3
Andy taylor jm headshot 2
Andy taylor jm breakdown

Ambient Occlusion / Roughness / Normal / Base Colour / Render

Andy taylor lighting

Lighting Setup in UE4. Used for back lighting and glow from the eyes.

Andy taylor lighting 2

Real time lighting in UE4

The Cultic Jester is a boss character that I designed and modeled for the final year of my Bachelor Game Design Degree. I challenged myself to create the Helmet / Mask - from concept sculpt to implementation in Unreal Engine 4, in 1 week. I learned a lot about hard surface modeling, PBR material authoring, and UE4, in the process. I'm not done! Still so much more to learn about creating real time characters.

This character is the 'Jester'. Part of a deluded cult which guards and controls the elevators to the earths core.

Inspired by SixMoreVodka's Degenesis, Warframe, Mad Max, and many, many others.